Manifesto - Brightmare Productions


Brightmare is spreading the knowledge of the horse and horse training, to all horse people in the world, no matter what kind of level or genre in riding or handling of the horse you have.

We wish every horse in the world to have:

  • Paddock time every day
  • Preferably a herd, but at least one horse friend, to satisfy natural social behaviours such as playtime and mutual grooming
  • A hay/grass-based diet, with feed and supplements to be used as a complement
  • Good hoof care
  • Regular veterinary check-ups
  • Motivated training without punishing
  • Variety in the training
  • Scheduled resting periods
  • To be treated without stress, but with love, respect and presence
  • To be seen as a thinking, feeling being
  • All training should intend to make the horse feel proud, competent, brave, strong and happy
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