Creative Riding
- a bright concept

In the equestrian world, where horse-riding and training is usually different for each discipline, we believe in crossover training. In our Creative Riding concept, we explore the similarities rather than the differences and are confident we can all learn from each other.

Each specialisation and philosophy has something good and useful for all riders. A showjumper can employ methods used in dressage and vice versa, if you have a common thread through your training, a base value and an education plan for you to follow and achieve your goals.

Watch a horse playing in the paddock and you’ll notice he doesn’t just do one type of movement. He can stride expressively with airy dressage movements, turn around abruptly like a western horse, jump over a tree trunk and then start galloping sideways.
When we educate the horse, it’s our responsibility to take care of the
horse’s natural movements and make them stronger, more exact and with increased balance and endurance. We can’t do that through monotonous training or with harsh methods. The training must be varied
with different kinds of challenges to build fitness, softness,
flexibility, elasticity, buoyancy etc. Besides the physical training,
the horse also needs mental stimulation.

If we go back to watching the horse playing in the paddock, he is expressing joy and pride in his movements.
One thing is for sure, you can’t force the horse to do anything he doesn’t want to do and expect a good reaction. We have to encourage the horse to work with us and appreciate the training for excellent and long lasting results. A horse trained with force never shows pride. As a trainer of the horse, it’s your responsibility to find the best way of training to suit his personality.
Many horses ”burn out” after a lot of time in the arena because there is no joy or creativity. The rider literally becomes stuck in a circle trying to make the horse supple by pulling the reins and bending the neck instead of finding fun exercises that will make the horse flexible and strong.
Our ambition with this book is to give you a new perspective for training your horse, regardless of his type or size. Find the inspiration within these pages, practice the exercises and evolve them to suit you and your horse. Get creative and take the challenge for making the arena into a dream playground for both of you!