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Barbro and her Lusitano Eneias


Hi, my name is Barbro and I’m one of two business owners and authors of Brightmare Productions!
I started my carrier in advertising when I was 16 years old as a graphic designer. After some years I became an Art Director and in the age of 28 I had my own advertising agency in the centre of Stockholm. In that time my two daughters where born, now they are 25 and 28 years old.

In 1997 I moved into the country side and started a new life, far away from the city. I became a country girl with my own farm of horses which always been my dream. I started to ride when I was about 5 years old and since then horses has been a big part of my life.

I am a real entrepreneur, full of ideas and see the possibilities in almost every thing. That’s my story of my life, without fear I have been throwing myself into new projects with total joy and happiness. The list can be long of what kind of projects I’ve been part of in my life….. When Lina and I met in 2012 I ran a hotel and restaurant business together with a livery yard for horses. I also had an advertising agency. We started to work on our first book and it became a success. 2015 I was totally exhausted of the work in my other business and I took a “timeout” in Portugal to explore classic dressage on Lusitano horses. I was stuck!! After some months I went back home to Sweden, I got divorced, sold my business and went back to sunny Portugal. I bought a beautiful small quinta in a lovely village outside Lisbon where I now run an Airbnb.

I also bought myself a wonderful Lusitano stallion, Eneias! He is really a horse of my dreams. Beautiful, strong, brave, kind and intelligent. I have been riding many horses but never a horse like him. We have been struggling together to explore the world of classic dressage. We are really a team and now we really know each other. My philosophy of riding has more and more become clearer, first of all, you have to have the companionship and the joy together. Otherwise is no meaning of riding.

Lina and Spirit, a partbred Arabian she trained
Lina and her QH Tiger


Hi, my name is Lina and I’m one of two business owners and authors of Brightmare Productions.
Horses have always been a great part of my life. I grew up on a horse farm with ponies, warmbloods and quarter horses, practising dressage, jumping, western disciplines and liberty/trick training.
When I was in my teens, I started to coach others, leading to a full-time training business as soon as I graduated high school. In my last year as a youth rider, I was ranked no. 1 in Sweden in 6 different western disciplines, with horses I had trained from scratch. Along with the western competitions, I’ve also educated horses in the higher echelons of dressage.

The fundament in all my training is to approach the horse, and yourself, from a holistic and authentic perspective. It’s all about the relationship, to oneself and each other, and relationships are so much about our emotional states. If I can find balance emotionally, mentally and physically, I can guide the horse to it too. But it’s equally important to care about all the imbalances, not just trying to get rid of them. They are, after all, only messengers and can tell us a lot about the holistic coherence.

After several years, training up to 12 horses a day and spending whole weekends in cold arenas, my body said stop. Bit by bit I found new ways to get around, creating a healthier life for myself. I became the first to produce equine online courses in Sweden. Together with the authoring of the Brightmare books, it really changed my way of living.

My life is very different these days. I still own two horses, but I’ve chosen not to have an own farm anymore. I live in a large house on the hillside of Billingen, together with five friends in a collective. Here I’ve great access to beautiful nature as well as walking distance to the city area and the Brightmare Office.

My horses are both Quarters. Tiger (JD Tiger Chex) is a 21-year-old dun mare. Jeni (Intelligence) is a 14-year-old palomino gelding. They have very different personalities, yet they mirror different parts of me, and they are my greatest source to inspiration and creativity.

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