When I moved to Portugal five years ago I never realised how many
experiences and challenges would come my way. Language and culture barriers, big fires… and now this huge Corona crises. Especially, staying in a foreign country far away from my family in Sweden has been a challenge although I have many good friends in my village.

I hav’nt been allowed to see my dear friend Eneias in 2 months.

My safe and comfortable life in Sweden, seems to me now, like a
walk in the park. This years has been very intense and adapting to a new life in a new country has had both good and bad sides. We have managed to overcome many obstacles and grow our business. Despite me living here in Portugal and Lina living in Sweden we can still keep up our communication, we spend hours of speaking in the phone every day.

We are inspired to launch new products in our Creative Riding series for all equestrians around the world. We have to date, produced more three equestrian books in both Swedish and English and soon the books will be available in several different languages like french, german and spanish.

Anna Lindberg is one member of our Equestrian Photo Team in Portugal.

We will also introduce a new product in a couple of days, our first online-course with pole exercises. Our Equestrian team in Portog has despite this crises been abled to serve us with movies and photos.

We have found horse lovers in 90 different countries around the world
which is absolutely amazing and we ship frequently.

Our readers range from recreational to professional riders of all different disciplines. From just being me and Lina doing absolutely all the work in the company, we are now about 10 people in the team, producing and shipping books.
In Sweden we have the IT-department and in Portugal we have the
shipping department.

We are painting poles in our company colors,
orange and blue to use in our future videos and photos.

Currently Portugal is in a State of Emergency (because of the
Covid 19 pandemic) It has really changed my life, even for the better.

I am lucky, my horse Eneias has been in this 2 months period, trained by a a professional trainer who normally works for the Portuguese Riding School!

I will be able to start to ride again tomorrow and it will be really interesting to see the progress he made, the trainer has worked hard with the Piaffe…

So in this period, instead of stressing around, I have taught myself to be more be patient. During a crisis like this you can learn a lot about yourself. Normally I have thousands of projects, now I had a chance to slow down and also had the time to tidy up a lot of things in my house and in my garden. I also run an Airbnb which, of course, had to close.

I am really proud of the Portuguese people and how they have responded to this situation.

The government acted very fast, closing the borders and shutting down the country and maybe because of that we’ve had far fewer cases of ill people and deaths compared to other european countries.

5 minutes before 12!

New printed books arriving from our Printing office in Hungary

Just two days before the lockdown we managed to move into our new Brightmare office. It is situated in a small, peaceful and picturesque village called Almoçageme, which can be found just 40 km from Lisbon. From here we are sending our books all around the world.

This is a typical sight in my village. Miguel doesn’t go anywhere without his horse.

The shipping has been a challenge during this period of crisis because two thirds of all flights around the world have been cancelled. Unfortunately there have been postal disruptions beyond our control.
We are so grateful that our customers have shown patience. On Saturday
Portugal will end their “State of Emergency” and start to slowly reopen.

For you who still don’t have the possibility to see your horse,

Stay safe and inspired!


Business owner of Brightmare Productions

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Barbro Lagergren

Barbro Lagergren

Barbro blogs about her daily life in Portugal

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